A five day cruise to the heart of Spain

A five night Western Mediterranean cruise aboard Mariner of the Seas takes passengers on a journey of discovery. During the five night cruise with Royal Caribbean, passengers will visit some of the Mediterranean’s best ports. The most notable of these is the colourful city of Barcelona, Spain.

Mariner of the Seas - Royal Caribbean
Mariner of the Seas – Royal Caribbean

Barcelona serves as the quintessential Spanish city. From the moment passengers step onto its cobblestone streets, they will be enticed by Barcelona’s local flavour and charm. Enjoy authentic tapas and paella in a corner café while taking in the hustle and bustle of daily Spanish life.

No visit to Barcelona would be complete without a stroll along Las Ramblas. It is here where cultural traditions and popular culture converge as vendors and performers vie for visitors’ attention. On the way to this vibrant part of the city, visitors will also pass a number of notable churches and cathedrals.

These buildings provide striking examples of Gaudi architecture, along with the Sagrada Familia, a world famous architectural masterpiece. Before heading back to the ship, passengers are advised to see the artwork in the Picasso museum. Watch the Spanish sun set over Barcelona from one of Mariner of the Seas’ private verandas while sipping on a destination inspired cocktail.

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