Ferrán Adria, a legend of Spanish cuisine

Ferrán Adria

All those euroresidents who have stopped by El Bulli restaurant remain impressed by the greatest cook in the world who works there. He’s not only considered to be the number one in the Spanish cuisine but his prestige has spread up to such a point in which he is considered to be, according to the world press, the Spanish genius that lends an added grandeur to the international cuisine.

Although he considers as his masters a whole generation of the nouvelle cousine (Michel Guirard, Alain, Jacques Maximin), and, in Spain, uses Juan Mari Arzak as a model, the disciple has overcome the received educations, by investigating or flying freely towards a deluxe model which is quite difficult to reach from the stoves.

Ferrán Adrià, a 48-year-old man, has hit the headlines of the most prestigious means around the world. Time, Le Monde, The New York Times, El País… and he is even imitated by the Canal+’s puppet shows. It is a legend of the present days. A representative of a new art: the cuisine as expression of the intelligence and creativity.

The news headlines remain without any doubt: the Sunday supplement regarding Le Monde defined Adrià with a word: “Alchemist“, and used a question: “Is he the best in the world?” Many masters embrace this title: Boucuse, Hermé… The fact in which Adríà received, in the French sanctum, this recognition seemed to be theoretically impossible. It would have been science fiction only a few years ago.

Ferrán usually applies the Jacques Maxim’s recipe: “creativity isn’t copying” and which is applied to the cuisine. His originality, special nature, and creativity have enabled him to be the first great master of the international cuisine. By means of unique creations and a very neatly done and complex investigation, Ferrán Adrià, has enabled the Spanish cuisine to overcome the French one, by conquering, at the same time, the Northamercian ‘gourmets’ and even ‘The New York Times’.

Picture by Charles Haynes

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